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Istio has been rightfully praised for ushering in free observability and secure service to service communication. Other, more significant features, however, are what truly make Istio the Swiss army knife of service mesh operators; when it comes to meeting SLOs like uptime, latency and error rates, the ability to manage traffic between services is absolutely critical. When we released the Istio operator earlier this year, our goal (besides managing Istio installation and upgrades) was to provide support for these excellent traffic routing features, while making everything more usable and UX friendly.
At Banzai Cloud we work with Istio quite a bit and run a lot of Istio-based service meshes for our customers. Earlier this year we opensourced the Banzai Cloud Istio operator in order to simplify provisioning, management, upgrades, and multi-cluster scenarios. However, we still felt that this was not simple enough. A few months ago we announced Backyards, a method of simplifying, creating and managing Istio, with planned support for all Istio features - the more complicated, the better!