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One of the Istio service mesh's most popular and robust features is its advanced observability. Because all service-to-service communication is routed through Envoy proxies, and Istio's control plane is able to gather logs and metrics from these proxies, the service mesh can provide us with deep insights about the state of the network and the behavior of services. This provides operators with unique ways of troubleshooting, managing, and optimizing their services, without imposing any additional burdens on application developers.
Check out Backyards in action on your own clusters! Register for an evaluation version and run a simple install command! Want to know more? Get in touch with us, or delve into the details of the latest release. Or just take a look at some of the Istio features that Backyards automates and simplifies for you, and which we've already blogged about. Since releasing our open-source Istio operator, we've been doing our best to add support for the latest versions of Istio as rapidly as possible.