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Check out Backyards in action on your own clusters: curl | sh && backyards install -a --run-demo What to know more? Get in touch with us, or delve into the details of the latest release. Service mesh has, without question, been one of the most vigorously debated and obsessed over topics of discussion in recent memory. It seems like, whichever way you turn, you run into heated arguments between those developers that are convinced that service mesh will outgrow even Kubernetes, and the naysayers convinced that, outside of use in a few large companies, service mesh is impractical to the point of uselessness.
If you are looking to try out an automated way to provision and manage Kafka on Kubernetes, please follow this Kafka on Kubernetes the easy way link. At Banzai Cloud we use Kafka internally a lot. We have some internal systems and customer reporting deployments where we rely heavily on Kafka deployed to Kubernetes. We practice what we preach and all these deployments (not just the external ones) are done using our application platform, Pipeline.