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Two weeks ago we announced, the tech preview for Banzai Cloud Pipeline 2.0, the hybrid any-cloud platform. That new platform allows customers to build hybrid Kubernetes clusters in four different ways, across 5 cloud providers and on-premise datacenters and introduces a new acronym: BYOK, Bring your own Kubernetes! Day 2 operations Kubernetes has changed how workloads are run by providing a convenient abstraction layer over infrastructure. While many of our customers use Pipeline to create all their clusters, and want to kickstart their Day 0 and Day 1 experiences, others want to reuse the clusters that they have already deployed.
We are delighted to announce our tech preview of Banzai Cloud Pipeline 2.0, the hybrid any-cloud platform. A little under a year ago we released the first commercial version of Banzai Cloud Pipeline and made it available for development and PoCs by launching our Try Pipeline initiative. Banzai Cloud Pipeline 1.0 was the first incarnation of our vision for a productive and flexible multi-cloud container management platform (now supporting five public clouds and on-prem datacenters).