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A few weeks ago we discussed the way that we integrated Kubernetes federation v2 into Pipeline, and took a deep dive into how it works. This is the next post in our federation multi cloud/cluster series, in which we’ll dig into some real world use cases involving one of Kubefed’s most interesting features: Replica Scheduling Preference.

One of the key features of our container management platform, Pipeline, and our CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution, PKE, is their ability to seamlessly form and run federated clusters across multi- and hybrid-cloud environments. While users of the Pipeline platform often have different requirements depending on whether they take a single or multi-cloud approach, they’re usually built around two key features: Multi-cloud application management Backyards, an Istio-based automated service mesh for multi- and hybrid-clouds Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve added support for Kubernetes federation v2, which is being made available as a beta feature in the Pipeline platform.