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Two weeks ago we announced the first release of our Istio operator. Since then we’ve added support for Istio’s preliminary 1.1 release. This post will detail how and why you should try it. In creating the operator, our main goal was to simplify the deployment and management of Istio’s components. This release is still in alpha, and its main goal is still to replace Helm charts as a preferred means of installing Istio, but it provides a few additional features we think you’ll find convenient.
Service mesh has, without question, been one of the most vigorously debated and obsessed over topics of discussion in recent memory. It seems like, whichever way you turn, you run into heated arguments between those developers that are convinced that service mesh will outgrow even Kubernetes, and the naysayers convinced that, outside of use in a few large companies, service mesh is impractical to the point of uselessness. As always, the truth probably lies somewhere in between, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid developing an opinion, especially if you’re a Kubernetes distribution and platform provider like us.