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On this blog we've already discussed our totally redesigned logging operator, which automates logging pipelines on Kubernetes. Thanks to the tremendous amount of feedback and the numerous contributions we received from our community, we've been able to rethink and redesign that operator from scratch, but the improvements aren't going to stop coming any time soon. Our goal is to continue removing the burden from human operators, and to help them manage the complex architectures of Kubernetes.
Update: Logging operator v2 Development doesn't stop here; we're constantly improving the logging-operator based on feature requests of our ops team and our customers. Here are some of those features: No limitations on label selectors Namespaced and Global resource scopes Visualised logging flows Secure output credential management Support multiple output in a single log flow Check The Kubernetes logging operator reloaded for details. Logs (one of the three pillars of observability besides metrics and traces) are an indispensable part of any distributed application.