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Last year Alibaba joined CNCF and announced plans to create their own Kubernetes service - Alibaba ACK. The service was luanched more than a year ago, with its stated objective to make it easy to run Kubernetes on Alibaba Cloud without needing to install, operate, and maintain a Kubernetes control plane. At Banzai Cloud we are committed to providing support for Kubernetes on all major cloud providers, thus one of our priorities was to enable Alibaba Cloud’s Container Service for Kubernetes in Pipeline and take the DevOps experience to the next level by turning ACK into a feature-rich enterprise-grade application platform.
At Banzai Cloud we are building a feature rich enterprise-grade application platform, built for containers on top of Kubernetes, called Pipeline. With Pipeline we provision large, multi-tenant Kubernetes clusters on all major cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure and BYOC, on-premise and hybrid, and deploy all kinds of predefined or ad-hoc workloads to these clusters. For us and our enterprise users, Kubernetes secret management (Base64) was woefully inadequate, so we chose Vault with native Kubernetes support to manage our secrets.