Make Your Legacy Applications Cloud Native and Run Containers in Production

With out of the box spotguides available and a deep understanding of different runtimes, Pipeline PaaS offers cloud native solutions for the enterprise. Cloud native architectures take full advantage of on-demand delivery, global deployment, elasticity, and higher-level services. It also enables huge improvements in developer productivity, business agility, scalability, availability, utilization, and cost savings.

Cloud cost reduction

Cloud providers frequently have excess capacity and allows bidding on unused instances. These are cost-effective choices if enterprises can be flexible about when applications run and can be interrupted however interrupting workloads, network and storage changes are not among the options of a production deployment. The Pipeline PaaS contains Hollowtrees, a ruleset based watchguard for keeping spot instance based cluster safe and allowing to use them in production. Gracefully handles spot price surges within one region or availability zone and reschedule applications before instances are taking down. Hollowtrees follows the “batteries included but removable” principle and has plugins for different runtimes and frameworks. At the lowest level it manages spot based clusters of virtual machines, however it contains plugins for Kubernetes and the Pipeline API as well.


Provision cloud instances and Kubernetes clusters for 80% less.


Let us recommend the Kubernetes cluster layout which fits best the workloads and it is the cheapest available option, while safe.

Product info

Cloud instance types, details, and pricing under one consistent view (UI and RESTful API) as a service.

Continuous integration and delivery

Let Pipeline to create your cloud/on-prem based Kubernetes environments, apply build pipelines, allocate resources and deploy the artifacts and seamlessly inject observability (log collection, traces, monitoring) and security into your deployments.


Pipeline provides out of the box build pipelines for several frameworks but at the same time it is open and allows building custom workflows for any applications.

Development frameworks

Pipeline PaaS allows enterprises to iterate fast with out of the box support for different development frameworks. Each supported framework can be wired into our CI/CD system and is deployed, observed (centralized log collection and tracing, monitoring) and managed by Pipeline. It allows developers to push code into any of the supported cluster in minutes. Let us do all the heavylifting for you.

Spring Boot

Let Pipeline handle all the dependencies and build the code, create the images and push them to a production ready Kubernetes cluster in minutes.


Pushing NodeJS applications to Kubernetes never been easier. Let us handle all the dependencies and build the code, create the images and push them to a production ready Kubernetes cluster in minutes.

Oracle Weblogic

The Pipeline spotguide migrates monolith Weblogic applications to cloud native environments


The Pipeline spotguide migrates monolith JEE applications to Wildfly.

Apache Spark

All Spark components are deployed in containers and natively scheduled by the Kubernetes scheduler. Avoids multi layer on isolated scheduling systems by having removed Apache YARN and offers a cloud native Apache Spark experience. Monitoring, alerting, centralized log collection and SLA based autoscaling are default options.

Apache Zeppelin

All notebooks are executed on Apache Spark scheduled and running on Kubernetes, with all the benefits of the Apache Spark Pipeline PaaS spotguide.

Apache Kafka

Pipeline PaaS has a good understanding of consumers and producers but more importantly it monitors, scales, rebalances and auto-heals the Apache Kafka cluster. It detects broker failures, reschedules workloads and edits partition reassignments. Pipeline PaaS has removed Apache Zookeper and for all quotas, controller election, cluster membership and configuration is using etcd, a faster and more reliable cloud native distributed system for coordination and metadata storage.

Kubernetes security

Advanced and enterprise grade security for our Kubernetes clusters and deployments are paramount to us. We have standardized on Bank-Vault and offer it as a tier-zero feature of the Platform.


A Vault swiss-army knife: Go client with automatic token renewal, Kubernetes support, dynamic secrets, multiple unseal options and more. A CLI tool to init, unseal and configure Vault (auth methods, secret engines). A K8s operator.


Gain in-depth knowledge on how Kubernetes is used to orchestrate distributed applications by learning about internals, architecture and components of Kubernetes and deploying and managing a cluster. Learn from the experts - Banzai Cloud is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider! Want us to come on-site and teach your whole team about Docker and Kubernetes?

Contact us!. For an example 2-3 day training materials check this course.

Instructor Led Trainings


Introduction and deep dive into containers and Docker. An enterprise-grade training for your organization.


Start or speed up you Kubernetes experience with us through our custom Kubernetes training. We offer all level trainings from general introductions to deep dives into individual components, we are here to help.