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Banzai Cloud Supertubes

Banzai Cloud Supertubes builds a production-ready Kafka cluster on Kubernetes, with built-in monitoring, scaling, rebalancing, alerts based self healing, and multiple ways of disaster recovery.

Banzai Cloud Supertubes
Deploy on Kubernetes

Deploy and manage a Kafka cluster to Kubernetes in minutes, the easy way.


Automatically encrypt and authenticate all communication within and outside (clients) the cluster.


Get deep insights of your cluster with Prometheus and the default dashboards, on different levels: nodes, brokers, Kafka protocol level.

Banzai Cloud Supertubes

Banzai Cloud Supertubes (Supertubes) is the deployment tool for setting up and operating production-ready Kafka clusters on Kubernetes, leveraging a Cloud Native technology stack. Supertubes includes Zookeeper, Kafka operator, Envoy, and many other components that are installed, configured, and managed to operate a production-ready Kafka cluster on Kubernetes.

Fine-grained broker configuration support for heterogeneous cluster layouts.

Automatic reaction and self-healing based on alerts using Cruise Control. Alerting is built on a plugin system, with meaningful default alert plugins.

Fast disaster recovery from snapshots created by Kubernetes CSI driver and Mirror Maker 2.

Rolling upgrades for continuous operations.

  • Deploy on Kubernetes
  • Automated Ops
  • Productivity
Support packages for Banzai Cloud Supertubes
Free Evaluation
Try and test Supertubes
for free
  • All features
  • Limited for use in test environments
  • SLA: -
  • Slack
For those who need help
in case of issues
  • All features
  • 8 hrs/month support
  • SLA: 4 hours / 8×5
  • Support portal, Slack
For business-critical
  • All features + integration
  • 16 hrs/month support
  • SLA: 1 hour / 24×7
  • Support portal, Slack
  • Proactive monitoring
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