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Banzai Cloud PKE

Banzai Cloud Pipeline Kubernetes Engine (PKE) is a simple, secure and powerful CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution, the preferred Kubernetes run-time of the Pipeline platform. It was designed to work on any cloud, VM or on bare metal nodes to provide a scalable and secure foundation for private clouds. PKE is cloud-aware and includes an ever-increasing number of cloud and platform integrations. It requires only an OS and takes care of all the installation and configuration steps automatically.


You have full control over the Kubernetes settings. Integrate your corporate authentication for administrative access easily.


Deploy your applications to the same environment even if they are hosted at different cloud providers, on-prem, or both.


PKE is designed with enterprise security requirements in mind. Unlike popular hosted solutions, PKE meets the criteria of the CIS benchmark.

Banzai Cloud PKE

PKE is always built based on the latest vanilla Kubernetes version with all the available features and security patches. Using PKE tool you can deploy your own Kubernetes cluster with a single command. You can choose between Docker and ContainerD runtimes, and use your preferred implementation of container networking.

PKE is hardened to pass the CIS security benchmark by default: Role based access control (RBAC) is enabled, and battle-tested Pod Security Policies and Network Policies are built in and available for everyone. The cluster components use TLS for in-cluster communication as well.

Adding Pipeline to the stack extends the capabilities even further with deployments, CI/CD workflow, key management, secret store, logging, monitoring, service mesh and many more.

  • Flexible
  • Multi-cloud
  • Secure
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