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Take Charge of Your
Backyards operationalizes the service mesh
to bring deep observability, convenient management,
and policy-based security to modern container-based applications.
Why Backyards?
Master your containers
Get instant access to a wealth of insights through unified telemetry. Ease the evolution to modern applications from your legacy codebase.
Be productive
Gain one-click-access to complex SRE and DevOps workflows such as traffic management, canary upgrades, multi-cluster deployment, configuration validation, HA deployment, diagnostics, and more.
Security & compliance
Automate Zero-Trust security between microservices. Pass audits by leveraging features like audit trails, RBAC integration, and real-time dashboards.
Key features
Gain insight into the operation of your services through an advanced Web UI
Drill-down view lets you analyze metrics in context
Service topology with real-time metrics
Monitor communications with services that are external to your mesh
1-click access to grafana dashboards and jaeger traces
Mesh overview dashboard with global control plane configs, validations and cluster states
Total control of your mesh
Push-button deployment and management of the service mesh in single- and multi-cluster configurations
Ingress and egress gateway management
Routing, circuit breaking, fault injection
Automatic locality load balancing in multi-cluster configurations
Fine-tuning of the sidecar configuration for optimized resource consumption
Managing service-updates using automated, industry-standard upgrade strategies, like canary releases
Validation & Debug
Service mesh configuration and cluster state validation
Root-cause diagnostics that help to efficiently isolate and solve operational issues related to your services
Real-time trace of inter-service traffic through the TAP view
Multi-cluster support
Monitor and manage your hybrid multi-cloud service infrastructure from a single pane of glass
Easily attach and detach clusters using the CLI, take advantage of enhanced multi-cluster telemetry
Choose the mesh topology that is the best fit for your use-cases
Security & compliance
Built-in auditing: all mesh configuration changes are tracked for accountability and diagnostics
Automatically secured communication channels between service components: advanced mTLS configurations per service, per namespace or cluster-wide
Seamless Kubernetes-native RBAC authentication
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