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Banzai Cloud Pipeline:
the hybrid any-cloud platform
Focus on your core business,
deploy with Banzai Cloud
The productive way to deploy and manage your
software and your private clouds.
Deploy on-prem and in five clouds in single-,
multi- and hybrid-cloud
Scale up quickly on Kubernetes and automatically get
all the necessary infrastructure support, resiliency,
security, centralized logging, monitoring, disaster-
features that are needed to operate high
availability services in production.
Get access to advanced features such as infra
recommendation, spot-price support, service mesh

and many more.
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We’d be happy to give you a demo and explain
the features of our platform in more detail.
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Try our free developer version
Build your PoC, to experience the platform first hand. We host the Banzai Cloud Pipeline Control Plane for our users for free, use your own cloud credentials to pay for your own infrastructure and workloads, while we do not take a cut from your spend.
Lots of advanced features included!
Try Pipeline
Go into production using the
commercial High Availability (HA)
version of Pipeline.
Take control by hosting your own control-
plane on the infrastructure of your choice.
We offer Pipeline both as a managed
service and as a subscription.
We charge you for the control-
plane, not based on the number
of nodes or clusters you deploy.
Multi-cloud If you would like to run
your clusters in the clouds
Hybrid-cloud If you would like to run your
clusters on-prem in your own data
centers, with the option to scale
them out to public clouds
If you are not yet ready to go all in on our platform
but are interested in some of its key components, we offer
support and consulting services.