Pipeline Platform

Enterprise Ready Cloud Native and Legacy Applications

Pipeline is an open source, multi cloud application platform as a service, based on a container management system. It is an application centric approach of a software delivery and deployment pipeline, to build cloud native microservices with confidence. It simplifies and abstracts all the details of provisioning the cloud infrastructure, installing or reusing the managed Kubernetes cluster and building, deploying and monitoring the application. The PaaS is an enterprise-grade container management platform including a full CI/CD workflow, orchestration, SLA rules based autoscaling and advanced networking delivering a complete solution for businesses.


Hook in

Trigger your pipeline with a GitHub Webhook and let the PaaS build your app, provision the infrastructure and deploy, monitor and autoscale your deployment

Microservice Ready

Focus and build great applications and forget the hard stuff of ops, failover, build pipelines, patching and security

Operations support

Centralized log collection, tracing and advanced monitoring support for the underlying infrastructure, Kubernetes cluster and the deployed aplication


Provision highly available clusters on any of our supported cloud providers or managed Kubernetes commercial offerings, hybrid cloud or on-premise deployments


Supports SLA rules for resiliency, failover, vertical and horizontal autoscaling towards a better application deployment density


Understands the application runtime requirements and dependencies, builds the artifacts and pushes to the PaaS while applying the CI/CD pipeline steps