Banzai Cloud Pipeline gives you the ability to easily manage your applications on top of your Kubernetes infrastructure. Be it a single, or multi-cluster setup, or a more complex environment including Kubernetes federation or a service mesh, the platform makes it easy to drive the lifecycle of your workloads.

If you have a single-cluster setup, or a few independent clusters, standard deployments section will help you setup your Helm repositories and to deploy well-known or your own applications.

With multi-cluster deployments you have the ability to coordinate the lifecycle of your application on a group of clusters together. The deployment, upgrade and removal of a Helm deployment will happen in sync, with possible overrides on each of the clusters.

Pipeline can also help you manage your application deployments in complex multi-cluster environments with Kubernetes Cluster Federation or a service mesh.

Federation allows you to coordinate the configuration of multiple Kubernetes clusters from a single set of APIs in a hosting cluster. With Pipeline you can setup federation on a group of selected clusters and then control its parameters through the platform.

With the Istio service mesh, you can connect multiple Kubernetes clusters in a way that it will be seamless for the applications running in the infrastructure. While it’s a heavy and error-prone task through plain Istio, Pipeline takes the pain out of it and also adds a lot of convenience features on top through Backyards.