SumoLogic output plugin for Fluentd 🔗︎

Overview 🔗︎

This plugin has been designed to output logs or metrics to SumoLogic via a HTTP collector endpoint More info at

Configuration 🔗︎

Output Config 🔗︎

Variable Name Type Required Default Description
data_type string No logs The type of data that will be sent to Sumo Logic, either logs or metrics
endpoint *secret.Secret Yes - SumoLogic HTTP Collector URL
verify_ssl bool No true Verify ssl certificate.
metric_data_format string No graphite The format of metrics you will be sending, either graphite or carbon2 or prometheus
log_format string No json Format to post logs into Sumo.
log_key string No message Used to specify the key when merging json or sending logs in text format
source_category string No nil Set _sourceCategory metadata field within SumoLogic
source_name string Yes - Set _sourceName metadata field within SumoLogic - overrides source_name_key (default is nil)
source_name_key string No source_name Set as source::path_key’s value so that the source_name can be extracted from Fluentd’s buffer
source_host string No nil Set _sourceHost metadata field within SumoLogic
open_timeout int No 60 Set timeout seconds to wait until connection is opened.
add_timestamp bool No true Add timestamp (or timestamp_key) field to logs before sending to sumologic
timestamp_key string No timestamp Field name when add_timestamp is on
proxy_uri string No - Add the uri of the proxy environment if present.
disable_cookies bool No false Option to disable cookies on the HTTP Client.