Loki output plugin 🔗︎

Overview 🔗︎

Fluentd output plugin to ship logs to a Loki server. More info at https://github.com/banzaicloud/fluent-plugin-kubernetes-loki

Example: Store Nginx Access Logs in Grafana Loki with Logging Operator

Example output configurations 🔗︎

    url: http://loki:3100
      timekey: 1m
      timekey_wait: 30s
      timekey_use_utc: true

Configuration 🔗︎

Output Config 🔗︎

Variable Name Type Required Default Description
url string No https://logs-us-west1.grafana.net The url of the Loki server to send logs to.
username *secret.Secret No - Specify a username if the Loki server requires authentication.
password *secret.Secret No - Specify password if the Loki server requires authentication.
tenant string No - Loki is a multi-tenant log storage platform and all requests sent must include a tenant.
labels Label No - Set of labels to include with every Loki stream.
extra_labels map[string]string No - Set of extra labels to include with every Loki stream.
line_format string No json Format to use when flattening the record to a log line: json, key_value (default: key_value)
extract_kubernetes_labels *bool No false Extract kubernetes labels as loki labels
remove_keys []string No [] Comma separated list of needless record keys to remove
drop_single_key bool No false If a record only has 1 key, then just set the log line to the value and discard the key.
configure_kubernetes_labels bool No - Configure Kubernetes metadata in a Prometheus like format
buffer *Buffer No - Buffer