LogZ output plugin for Fluentd 🔗︎

Overview 🔗︎

More info at https://github.com/logzio/fluent-plugin-logzio

Example output configurations 🔗︎

      url: https://listener.logz.io
      port: 8071
         name: logz-token
           key: token
    output_include_tags: true
    output_include_time: true
      type: file
      flush_thread_count: 4
      flush_interval: 3s
      chunk_limit_size: 16m
      queue_limit_length: 4096

Configuration 🔗︎

Logzio 🔗︎

LogZ Send your logs to LogZ.io 🔗︎

Variable Name Type Required Default Description
endpoint *Endpoint Yes - Define LogZ endpoint URL
output_include_time bool No - Should the appender add a timestamp to your logs on their process time (recommended).
output_include_tags bool No - Should the appender add the fluentd tag to the document, called “fluentd_tag"
http_idle_timeout int No - Timeout in seconds that the http persistent connection will stay open without traffic.
retry_count int No - How many times to resend failed bulks.
retry_sleep int No - How long to sleep initially between retries, exponential step-off.
gzip bool No - Should the plugin ship the logs in gzip compression. Default is false.
buffer *Buffer No - Buffer

Endpoint 🔗︎

Endpoint defines connection details for LogZ.io. 🔗︎

Variable Name Type Required Default Description
url string No https://listener.logz.io LogZ URL.
port int No 8071 Port over which to connect to LogZ URL.
token *secret.Secret No - LogZ API Token.