Http plugin for Fluentd 🔗︎

Overview 🔗︎

Sends logs to HTTP/HTTPS endpoints. More info at

Example output configurations 🔗︎

      tags: "[]"
      flush_interval: 10s

Configuration 🔗︎

Output Config 🔗︎

Variable Name Type Required Default Description
endpoint string Yes - Endpoint for HTTP request.
http_method string No post Method for HTTP request. [post, put]
proxy string No - Proxy for HTTP request.
content_type string No - Content-Type for HTTP request.
json_array bool No false Using array format of JSON. This parameter is used and valid only for json format. When json_array as true, Content-Type should be application/json and be able to use JSON data for the HTTP request body.
format *Format No - Format
headers map[string]string No - Additional headers for HTTP request.
open_timeout int No - Connection open timeout in seconds.
read_timeout int No - Read timeout in seconds.
ssl_timeout int No - TLS timeout in seconds.
tls_version string No TLSv1_2 The default version of TLS transport. [TLSv1_1, TLSv1_2]
tls_ciphers string No ALL:!aNULL:!eNULL:!SSLv2 The cipher configuration of TLS transport.
tls_ca_cert_path *secret.Secret No - The CA certificate path for TLS.
tls_client_cert_path *secret.Secret No - The client certificate path for TLS.
tls_private_key_path *secret.Secret No - The client private key path for TLS.
tls_private_key_passphrase *secret.Secret No - The client private key passphrase for TLS.
tls_verify_mode string No peer The verify mode of TLS. [peer, none]
error_response_as_unrecoverable *bool No true Raise UnrecoverableError when the response code is non success, 1xx/3xx/4xx/5xx. If false, the plugin logs error message instead of raising UnrecoverableError.
retryable_response_codes []int No [503] List of retryable response codes. If the response code is included in this list, the plugin retries the buffer flush.
auth *HTTPAuth No - HTTP auth
buffer *Buffer No - Buffer

HTTP auth config 🔗︎

http_auth 🔗︎

Variable Name Type Required Default Description
username *secret.Secret Yes - Username for basic authentication.
password *secret.Secret Yes - Password for basic authentication.