Supported Plugins 🔗︎

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Name Type Description Status Version
Security common
Transport common
Concat filters Fluentd Filter plugin to concatenate multiline log separated in multiple events. GA 2.4.0
Dedot filters Concatenate multiline log separated in multiple events GA 1.0.0
Exception Detector filters Exception Detector GA 0.0.13
Geo IP filters Fluentd GeoIP filter GA 1.3.2
Grep filters Grep events by the values GA more info
Parser filters Parses” string field in event records and mutates its GA more info
Prometheus filters Prometheus Filter Plugin to count Incoming Records GA 1.8.1
Record Modifier filters Modify each event record. GA 2.1.0
Record Transformer filters Mutates/transforms incoming event streams. GA more info
Stdout filters Prints events to stdout GA more info
Tag Normaliser filters Re-tag based on log metadata GA 0.1.1
Throttle filters A sentry plugin to throttle logs. Logs are grouped by a configurable key. When a group exceeds a configuration rate, logs are dropped for this group. GA 0.0.5
Azure Storage outputs Store logs in Azure Storage GA 0.1.0
Buffer outputs Fluentd event buffer GA mode info
Amazon CloudWatch outputs Send your logs to AWS CloudWatch GA 0.10.0
Elasticsearch outputs Send your logs to Elasticsearch GA 4.1.0
File outputs Output plugin writes events to files GA more info
Format outputs Specify how to format output record. GA more info
Forward outputs Forwards events to other fluentd nodes. GA more info
Google Cloud Storage outputs Store logs in Google Cloud Storage GA 0.4.0
Http outputs Sends logs to HTTP/HTTPS endpoints. GA more info
Kafka outputs Send your logs to Kafka GA 0.13.0
Amazon Kinesis outputs Fluent plugin for Amazon Kinesis GA 3.2.2
LogZ outputs Store logs in GA 0.0.20
Grafana Loki outputs Transfer logs to Loki GA 1.2.13
NewRelic Logs outputs Send logs to New Relic Logs GA 1.1.8
Alibaba Cloud Storage outputs Store logs the Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service GA 0.0.2
Amazon S3 outputs Store logs in Amazon S3 GA 1.3.4
Splunk Hec outputs Fluent Plugin Splunk Hec Release 1.2.2 GA 1.2.2
SumoLogic outputs Send your logs to Sumologic GA 1.7.1