NodeAgent 🔗︎

Variable Name Type Required Default Description
name string No - NodeAgent unique name.
profile string No linux Specify the Logging-Operator nodeAgents profile. It can be linux or windows .
metadata types.MetaBase No -
nodeAgentFluentbit *NodeAgentFluentbit No -

NodeAgentFluentbit 🔗︎

Variable Name Type Required Default Description
enabled *bool No -
daemonSet *typeoverride.DaemonSet No -
serviceAccount *typeoverride.ServiceAccount No -
tls *FluentbitTLS No -
targetHost string No -
targetPort int32 No -
flush int32 No 1 Set the flush time in seconds.nanoseconds. The engine loop uses a Flush timeout to define when is required to flush the records ingested by input plugins through the defined output plugins. (default: 1)
grace int32 No 5 Set the grace time in seconds as Integer value. The engine loop uses a Grace timeout to define wait time on exit (default: 5)
logLevel string No info Set the logging verbosity level. Allowed values are: error, warn, info, debug and trace. Values are accumulative, e.g: if ‘debug’ is set, it will include error, warning, info and debug. Note that trace mode is only available if Fluent Bit was built with the WITH_TRACE option enabled. (default: info)
coroStackSize int32 No 24576 Set the coroutines stack size in bytes. The value must be greater than the page size of the running system. Don’t set too small value (say 4096), or coroutine threads can overrun the stack buffer.
Do not change the default value of this parameter unless you know what you are doing. (default: 24576)
metrics *Metrics No -
metricsService *typeoverride.Service No -
security *Security No -
positiondb volume.KubernetesVolume No - volume.KubernetesVolume
containersPath string No -
varLogsPath string No -
extraVolumeMounts []*VolumeMount No -
inputTail InputTail No -
filterAws *FilterAws No -
filterKubernetes FilterKubernetes No -
disableKubernetesFilter *bool No -
bufferStorage BufferStorage No -
bufferStorageVolume volume.KubernetesVolume No - volume.KubernetesVolume
customConfigSecret string No -
podPriorityClassName string No -
livenessDefaultCheck *bool No true
network *FluentbitNetwork No -
forwardOptions *ForwardOptions No -
enableUpstream *bool No -