Banzai Cloud Backyards (Backyards) is a multi and hybrid-cloud enabled service mesh platform for constructing modern applications. Built on Kubernetes, our Istio operator, and Pipeline, Backyards enables flexibility, portability and consistency across on-premise datacenters and on five cloud environments.

Backyards helps you to confidently scale your microservices over single- and multi-cluster environments and to make daily operational routines standardized and more efficient. The componentization and scaling of modern applications inevitably lead to a number of optimization and management issues:

  • How do you spot bottlenecks? Are all components functioning correctly?
  • How are connections between components secured?
  • How does one reliably upgrade service components?

Backyards helps you accomplish these tasks and many others in a simple and scalable way, by leveraging the Istio service mesh and building a large number of automations around it. Our tag-line for the product captures this succinctly:

“Banzai Cloud Backyards operationalizes the service mesh to bring deep observability, convenient management, and policy-based security to modern container-based applications.”

Backyards architecture

Key features 🔗︎

  • Backyards not only handles the automated installation, operation and upgrade of service mesh infrastructure, but also provides a rich, high-level, multi-modal user experience that eliminates the complexity associated with service meshes.
  • High-level functionality, such as deep observability, Zero-Trust security, canary deployments, traffic routing, ingress / egress exposure, or fault injection can be conveniently managed and visualized through its user interface.
  • Backyards’ automation engine reduces the risk inherent in the performance of complex tasks such as canary upgrades of microservice components, thereby cutting operational risk and cost.
  • The system provides a detailed real-time dashboard for debugging and an audit log for compliance.

Use our simple, yet extremely powerful UI and CLI, and experience in-depth observability, simplified traffic management, secure service-to-service communication, automated canary releases and more.