Alerting Policies define predictive alerts to ensure compliance to your Service Level Objectives (SLOs)) . To create a new Alerting Policy, complete the following steps.

  1. Navigate to MENU > Services and find the service you want to add an Alerting Policy.

  2. Click on the service to display its details.

  3. Select the SLO to which you want to add a new Alerting Policy. If there are no SLOs defined for the service, you must first create a new Service Level objective.

  4. In the Alerting Policies section, click CREATE NEW.

    Create new Alerting Policy

  5. In the SLI field, select the Service Level Indicator template you want to use. This is just a template, you can modify its parameters as needed for your environment. After selecting an SLI, its description is displayed under the name of the SLI. Click the Show YAML configuration icon next to the name of the SLI to display its YAML configuration.

    Set Alerting Policy parameters

  6. Enter the BURN RATE THRESHOLD above which you want to alert.

  7. Enter the time-frame for which to calculate the burn rate threshold into the PRIMARY LOOKBACK WINDOW field.

  8. (Optional) Configure a CONTROL LOOKBACK WINDOW to ensure that the alert is triggered while the error budget is being consumed.

  9. (Optional) To alert only if the burn rate is above the specified threshold for a period, set the ALERT AFTER field. That way you can avoid triggering the alert for short peaks if otherwise the burn rate is normal.

  10. Select the SEVERITY of the alert (ticket or page). You can use this field to route the alert in Prometheus Alertmanager.

  11. Enter a NAME for the Alerting Policy, then click CREATE.

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