Backyards is built to simplify service mesh configuration and management, it guides you through setting up complex traffic routing rules and takes care of creating, merging and validating the YAML configuration. And unlike some other similar products, it’s working in both directions. You can edit the YAML manually, and you will still be able to view or manipulate the config from Backyards. It’s possible because there’s no intermediate config layer in Backyards.

To support the bi-directional mesh configuration, Backyards provides a featureful validation subsystem for the entire mesh. Istio itself provides (through Galley) some syntactic and semantic validation for the individual Istio resources, Backyards goes even further by doing complex validations which takes the whole cluster state and related resources into account to figure out whether everything is configured correctly within the whole mesh.

Validation results on the Backyards UI 🔗︎

The validations are constantly running in the background, the actual results can be seen on the dashboard by selecting the Validations view in the main menu.

Show validation results

Backyards can even show the invalid configuration part within an invalid resoure. Select the on the right icon for an invalid resource.

Show validation details