Allowing and controlling incoming traffic to a cluster from outside is needed in most use cases. In general, ingress controllers are responsible for this in the Kubernetes world. There are a bunch of these available (a good comparison can be found here), but if you're using Istio it makes perfect sense to use its own ingress gateway.

Backyards gives you an option to manage incoming traffic to a cluster through Istio ingress gateways using the dashboard.

This feature is experimental, some important pieces are missing that would make it a complete ingress management dashboard solution

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Using the Backyards dashboard 🔗︎

The current ingress feature of Backyards allows you to expose a service through the default Istio ingress gateway. You can configure the host, ports and the routes to expose.

Backyards will take care of opening up the port on the service (and the cloud load balancer if available), and building the required gateway and virtual service YAML configs.

DNS resolution is not managed by Backyards. Once you've configured ingress for a particular service, Backyards will display the IP of the ingress gateway service. It is your responsibility to create the corresponding DNS records that point to this IP.

Roadmap 🔗︎

We'd like to provide a full ingress UI for Istio within Backyards as soon as possible.

Currently it still lacks a few important things:

  • CLI configuration: ingress configuration is currently only available from the dashboard
  • TLS configuration: as a workaround, you can edit the Gateway configuration named istio-system/istio-ingreissgateway created by Backyards and add TLSOptions manually. In later releases this will be configurable from the dashboard and the CLI.
  • Routing configuration: Routing rules can be configured separately for different ingress servers in Istio. This is only configurable through the GraphQL API currently.
  • Policy configuration: Rate limiting, whitelisting, CORS, etc on the gateway level
  • Multiple gateways: Istio supports having multiple ingress gateways in a cluster, Backyards will allow creating and managing those