The MENU > OVERVIEW page on the Backyards web interface shows information about your mesh.


If your application hasn’t received any traffic yet, there will be no metrics in the system so you won’t see any visualization yet. To send some traffic to your services as a test, see [Generate test load](/docs/backyards/dashboard-overview/generate-load/).

The page shows the following information and controls:

  1. Namespace filters
  2. Polling settings
  3. Search bar
  4. Statistics
  5. Metrics dashboards
  6. Validation errors
  7. Clusters
  8. Security settings

Namespaces 🔗︎

Display data only for the selected namespaces.

Polling 🔗︎

Set the frequency of automatic polling to show real-time metrics, or disable polling.

Statistics 🔗︎

  • Requests per second
  • Average latency (95th percentile)
  • Error rate (for 5XX errors)
  • Clusters (number of clusters in the mesh)
  • Services (number of services in the mesh / total number of services)
  • Workloads (number of workloads in the mesh / total number of workloads)
  • Pods (number of pods in the mesh / total number of pods)

Dashboards 🔗︎

The OVERVIEW page shows the following live Grafana dashboards:

  • Requests per second
  • Average latency (95th percentile)
  • Error rate (for 5XX errors)

Validations 🔗︎

To check the validation status of your YAML configuration files, click OVERVIEW > VALIDATIONS. For details, see Validation.

Clusters 🔗︎

To display basic status information about the clusters in the mesh, click OVERVIEW > CLUSTERS.


This is mostly useful in the Multi cluster setup when multiple clusters are in the mesh.

Security 🔗︎

To manage the mesh-wide mTLS settings and the auto mTLS feature, click OVERVIEW > SECURITY.


For details on controlling mTLS in the mesh, see the mutual TLS feature.