How you can upgrade an existing Backyards CLI installation depends on how you have originally installed it.

In general, you can run the following command to upgrade and install the appropriate package for your platform:

curl | sh -s -- auto
  • On macOS:

    • If you have installed Backyards CLI with Homebrew:

      $ brew upgrade banzaicloud/tap/backyards-cli
  • On Linux: Download and install the appropriate package for your distribution.

    • Deb package — for latest Ubuntu LTS and Debian stable releases
    • RPM package — for latest CentOS, RHEL, SLES or openSUSE releases

To verify that you have the correct Backyards CLI version run the following command:

$ backyards version
? Are you sure to use the current context? kubernetes-admin@your-cluster Yes
Client version: 1.4.1
logged in as kubernetes-admin
API version: 1.4.1

The Client version is your Backyards CLI version.