List of available commands ๐Ÿ”—︎

The following commands are available in the backyards command-line tool.

Install and manage Backyards

  backyards [flags]

  install       Install Backyards
  uninstall     Uninstall Backyards

  dashboard     Open the Backyards dashboard in a web browser
  graph         Show graph
  login         Log in to Backyards (aliases: l)
  mtls          Manage mTLS policy related configurations
  routing       Manage service routing configurations (aliases: r)
  sidecar-proxy Manage sidecar-proxy related configurations (aliases: sp)
  tap           Tap into HTTP/GRPC mesh traffic

  config        View and manage persistent configuration
  license       Shows Backyards license
  version       Print the client and api version information
  help          Help about any command

Components commands:
  canary        Install and manage canary feature
  cert-manager  Install and manage cert-manager
  demoapp       Install and manage demo application
  istio         Install and manage Istio
  operator      Install and manage Backyards operator

      --accept-license                  Accept the license:
      --backyards-namespace string      Namespace in which Backyards is installed [$BACKYARDS_NAMESPACE] (default "backyards-system")
      --base-url string                 Custom Backyards base URL (uses port forwarding or proxying if empty)
      --cacert string                   The CA to use for verifying Backyards' server certificate
      --color                           use colors on non-tty outputs (default true)
      --context string                  name of the kubeconfig context to use
      --formatting.force-color          force color even when non in a terminal
  -h, --help                            help for backyards
      --interactive                     ask questions interactively even if stdin or stdout is non-tty
  -c, --kubeconfig string               path to the kubeconfig file to use for CLI requests
  -p, --local-port int                  Use this local port for port forwarding / proxying to Backyards (when set to 0, a random port will be used) (default -1)
      --non-interactive                 never ask questions interactively
  -o, --output string                   output format (table|yaml|json) (default "table")
      --persistent-config-file string   Backyards persistent config file to use instead of the default at ~/.banzai/backyards/
      --token string                    Authentication token to use to communicate with Backyards
      --use-portforward                 Use port forwarding instead of proxying to reach Backyards
  -v, --verbose                         turn on debug logging
      --version                         version for backyards

Use "backyards [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Cleanup and Uninstall ๐Ÿ”—︎

To remove the demo application, Backyards, Istio, and any other components from your cluster, run the following command. It takes care of removing these components in the correct order.

$ backyards uninstall -a

To delete the Backyards operator, run:

$ helm del --purge backyards-operator