Backyards CLI — once you have a basic understanding about its use — is the most effective way to use Backyards.

Backyards has a web user interface as well, which may also be your choice for getting started with the platform, but all the examples of this documentation are for the CLI. If we did it well, the web UI is intuitive, so it's pointless to write detailed guides about how to click on the specific buttons. Both the CLI and the web UI are using the same GraphQL API behind the scenes, so statements in this documentation apply to the web UI as well, except that some advanced features are implemented only in the CLI, and a few are still missing from it while the web UI has them.

Note: The web interface supports recent releases of the Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox browsers. Use the desktop edition.

Depending on your goals, environment, preferences, and level of experience, the Backyards CLI can be used either instead of, or as a supplement to using the public GraphQL API of the platform directly, with our client library, or the web interface.

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