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Banzai Cloud receives $2.5 million investment to radically simplify and empower enterprise Kubernetes adoption

Author Kris Flautner

The content of this page hasn't been updated for years and might refer to discontinued products and projects.

Banzai Cloud has closed its latest round of seed funding with a total investment of $2.5 million. The round was led by PortfoLion, a Central European venture capital and private equity fund, and included financing from FastVentures and Euroventures of Budapest, the latter being an angel investor that has been with the company since its foundation in 2017.

“We’re very excited by this opportunity, by the exceptional team Banzai Cloud has brought together that will make them a force to be reckoned with in the world of enterprise computing.”–András Molnár, CEO of PortfoLion.

Banzai Cloud’s Pipeline platform and Kubernetes distribution tames the complexity inherent in the development, deployment, and scaling of modern cloud applications. The platform seeks to bring the power of cutting-edge cloud and containerization technologies to a wide range of enterprises.

Pipeline is built on best-of-breed technologies from the Cloud Native Foundation and its ecosystem, including Kubernetes. “We are riding a wave of innovation that is already disrupting how large-scale enterprise computing is done,” says Janos Matyas, Banzai Cloud’s CTO. “It’s not enough that an enterprise have access to the latest technologies, it needs to actually be able to use them. There are numerous hurdles related to complexity, cost, skillset, legacy, and security—just to name a few—that have to be tackled and overcome. Banzai Cloud’s platform represents an open, automated and scalable way of approaching these problems.”

Many companies are interested in leveraging container-based technologies to their advantage, but they need help in adopting them on-premises or in the cloud. “Enterprises are aware of the rapidly evolving pace of cloud technologies—the value that surrounds them—but these technologies don’t usually work straight out of the box,” says Kris Flautner, CEO of Banzai Cloud. “These enterprises need operational flexibility, cost-effective access to expertise, and the ability to integrate new technologies into their corporate systems.”

Banzai Cloud Pipeline is currently in private beta. For more information visit, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or get in touch through email:

About PortfoLion

PortfoLion is the private equity and venture capital arm of OTP Group, Hungary’s largest banking corporation. Through its funding it partners with companies across multiple stages to help them expand and realize their growth potential. For more information visit

About FastVentures

Budapest-based FastVentures is one of Central Europe’s leading early stage VC firms—with a broad range of biotech, medtech and IT investments and multiple successful exits in the US and Europe.

About Euroventures

Budapest-based Euroventures is one of the longest-established and leading independent private equity and venture capital firms in Central Europe, with a range of successful innovation and growth investments since the launch of its first fund in 1989.

About Banzai Cloud

Banzai Cloud is on a mission to simplify the development, deployment, and scaling of complex applications and to bring the full power of Kubernetes to developers and enterprises, everywhere. Visit

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