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Banzai Cloud announces public beta of its Pipeline platform - the operating system for containers and clouds

Author Kris Flautner

Banzai Cloud’s Pipeline platform and Kubernetes distribution tames the complexity inherent in the development, deployment, and scaling of modern containerized applications. The platform seeks to bring the power of cutting-edge cloud and containerization technologies to a wide range of enterprises.

“Runners focus on the race they’re running, not the materials their shoes are made of; they trust that their shoes will get them to the finish line,” says Kris Flautner, CEO of Banzai Cloud. “Cloud developers that use Kubernetes currently spend way too much time worrying about their ‘shoes’, which makes it harder for them to focus on what they have to accomplish.”

In the world that Banzai Cloud is helping build, data scientists are better able to focus on the information behind their numbers and application developers on their users: neither needs to understand how the computer infrastructure that runs their applications is configured, secured, managed or scaled.

This vision is realized through the use of Spotguides, which provide deployment automation tailored to any application environment. Automated configuration, logging, monitoring, security, and scaling are all included automatically—labor-intensive tasks that would ordinarily require months or years of development and maintenance for each use-case.

Banzai Clouds Pipeline caters to flexible and productive operation models. The platform currently supports six public clouds and operates capably in private data centers in multi- and hybrid-cloud configurations.

To experience the platform, visit and try out our beta, which can be used for free — with your own cloud credentials — on the cloud provider of your choice.

About Banzai Cloud Banzai Cloud is on a mission to simplify the development, deployment, and scaling of complex applications and to bring the full power of Kubernetes to developers and enterprises, everywhere. Visit

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