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Author Janos Matyas

Banzai Cloud has joined CNCF

We are excited to announce that Banzai Cloud has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation!

The CNCF and The Linux Foundation are expending extraordinary effort in helping to standardize open source technologies that enable the development, deployment, management and operation of next generation Cloud Native software stacks. Our mission is to bring Cloud Native to enterprises and with this announcement, we strive to help push container and cloud native technology standardization and interoperability forward.

This announcement took place shortly after Banzai Cloud became a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP). The KCSP program was started by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in collaboration with the Linux Foundation, and it represents a major milestone in helping enterprises move to a cloud native platform. It provides a strict set of rules and certified experts to guarantee that only experienced partners are part of the program.

Being part of CNCF, and a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider means that enterprises can trust in, and rely on, Banzai Cloud and our flagship Platform, Pipeline, to bring in the experience and guidance necessary on their Kubernetes and microservices journey to cloud native application platforms and production usage.


As part of our commitment to the CNCF and Kubernetes, we will continue our work and participation in the open source community and help enterprises successfully adopt Kubernetes.

About Banzai Cloud

Banzai Cloud is on a mission to simplify the development and deployment of complex applications, while bringing the full power of cutting-edge container and cloud technologies to all developers and enterprises. Banzai Cloud’s deployment automation and execution engine enables developers to go from commit to scale in minutes by automating all the underlying tasks that provide convenient CI/CD flows, robust security, analytics and the ability to scale. The platform can be deployed on all main public clouds and provides unique cost-reduction opportunities for its users. Banzai Cloud is built on best-of-breed technologies from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and its ecosystem, including Kubernetes and Prometheus.

If you are interested in our technology and open source projects, follow us on GitHub, LinkedIn or Twitter:


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