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Pipeline platform

Banzai Cloud Pipeline allows enterprises to develop, deploy and scale container-based applications. It leverages best-of-breed cloud components, such as Kubernetes, to create a highly productive, yet flexible environment for developers and operation teams alike.

I’m a developer,
why should I care?

Runners focus on the race they’re running, not the materials their shoes are made of; they trust that their shoes will get them to the finish line. Cloud developers don’t have that same luxury, they usually have to design custom “shoes” to take them on their journey.

In the world that Banzai Cloud is helping build, data scientists are better able to focus on the information behind their numbers and application developers on their users: neither needs to understand how the computer infrastructure that runs their applications is configured, secured, managed or scaled.

This vision is realized through the use of Spotguides, which provide deployment automation tailored to any application environment. Automated configuration, logging, monitoring, security, and scaling are all included automatically—labor-intensive tasks that would ordinarily require months or years of development and maintenance for each use-case.

Workflows are streamlined via the inclusion of a continuous integration and delivery system, which is a first-class part of our platform. Canary releases, gradual upgrades and custom pipelines are par for the course.

I do ops,
what’s in it for me?

Sun Tzu wrote that, “the line between disorder and order lies in logistics.” Had he been reflecting on cloud computing, he might have said that the road to scale is paved with a million properly coordinated details. Scaling up can be complex but it gets easier if starting with a solid foundation.

We lay the foundation for scaling with an eye toward automation, visibility, security, and by recognizing that despite our best efforts, shit happens. We build our automation around the Kubernetes operator framework, which codifies human logic so your clusters and deployments are automatically kept in their desired operational state.

Many clusters, a single cockpit for full visibility and control

Centralized and secure log collection from infrastructure to applications.

Federated clusters allow you to manage multiple clusters from a single control plane across multiple hybrid clouds.

Federated monitoring and tracing give you easy access to your metrics, and paint a picture of what’s happening in a cluster that’s perfect down to the last detail.

Learn more about Logging and Monitoring

It was Bruce Schneier that wrote,
“Security is a process, not a product.”
We agree.

Communications between all components are secured with TLS, creating secrets on demand where needed to avoid exposing any underlying complexity to users.

Vault is integrated to manage encrypted secrets that are only decrypted on demand, automatically, to reduce the attack surface of the platform.

Protect and control your inter-service traffic: deploy a service mesh with ease, observe and manage internal and external services, and apply the policies you need.

Deploy only what you consider to be safe: automatic vulnerability scans of images are provided to facilitate security and compliance.

We have your back when disaster strikes with periodic backups and automated restores of cluster state.
Learn more about Security

I enjoy wearing a suit,
but not opening my

Some members of our team may make questionable fashion choices, but none of us like being frivolous with money, especially when it comes to the technologies we can tame. Our policy is to keep our users well informed—so that they can make cost-effective choices—and to deploy cost-aware automation when scaling workloads.

Run your deployments reliably ‘on the spot’ using cloud providers’ excess capacity to reduce your compute costs by up to 80%.

Avoid over-spec’ing your clusters: get recommendations based on workload and robustness requirements.

Gain the flexibility to choose where you operate: use one or more of the six cloud providers we support, move between them with ease, and avoid lock-in.

Use your favorite Kubernetes: a Banzai Cloud Kubernetes distribution, cloud provider managed K8s service or BYOC (bring your own cluster).

We provide dashboards and alerts so that you can gain insights into your organization and its operations.

Let’s not forget your most important assets: People.

Banzai Cloud Pipeline doesn’t just make your developers and operations team members more productive, it also provides access to technologies that are often difficult and expensive to acquire.

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