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One of the key features of our container management platform, Pipeline is its ability to create multi- and hybrid-cloud Kubernetes environments using cloud provider-managed K8s or our own CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution, PKE. Recently, customers have been asking for a way to bring their existing Kubernetes clusters (upstream or other distributions) under Pipeline’s management, in order to benefit from the features our platform offers. During the peer review of our new cluster import feature, we realized the potential security risk created by the common practice of sharing kubeconfig files.
Banzai Cloud’s Pipeline platform is an operating system which allows enterprises to develop, deploy and scale container-based applications. It leverages best-of-breed cloud components, such as Kubernetes, to create a highly productive, yet flexible environment for developers and operations teams alike. Strong security measures — multiple authentication backends, fine grained authorization, dynamic secret management, automated secure communications between components using TLS, vulnerability scans, static code analysis, etc. — are a tier zero feature of the Pipeline platform, which we strive to automate and enable for all enterprises.